Cupcake Pops

So this was my first time properly making cupcake pops. The only difference from cake pops, is that they are in the shape of cupcakes. To get the shape you roll your cake ball into an oval shape. Then take a flower cookie cutter, and put half of the cake ball into it. Then make a dome shape on the part that is sticking out.

Then once you slide it out of the cookie cutter it should have a cupcake looking shape. It took me some time to get the hang of it.

So after you have your shape, melt the candy melt color you will use for the bottom of the cupcake. Take the cupcake and dip the bottom part of it into the chocolate. Then take it out and stick a lollipop stick in half way, put it upside down and let the chocolate harden.

Once it has hardened, melt the other color candy melt. Then dip the top part of the cupcake into the candy melts.

Then add some sprinkles and an M&M in the middle before the chocolate hardens, and your done!

I made these for a friends birthday. You can wrap each cupcake pop in a lollipop wrap and tie it with a ribbon.


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  1. Samira Moqueet says:

    Faba i need some cake pop . send me some on ambar birthday . Good job Faba

  2. cartoon muslim says:

    Looks delicious! For some reason, I find any dessert that has pop in its name delicious. You should try making this thing… I forgot what it’s called, but it tasted like a cheesecake pop. It slips right into your mouth and is sooo delicious.

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