Graduation Hat Cake Pops

A few days ago I was looking at recipes on Bakerella and came across this (photo Courtesy of Bakerella):

One of my friends had graduated and her party was yesterday. After seeing these cake pops I absolutely had to make these. So here is my attempt at making them.

So first start out with cake balls. You can see how to make them here.

After you are done making your cake balls, melt your candy melts. Then fill the peanut butter cup chocolate mold 1/3 of the way with candy melts.

Then drop in a chilled cake ball. Make sure that the cake ball does not exceed the height of the mold.
Then cover the cake ball with more candy melts, and insert a lollipop stick halfway. Then put them in the freezer till the chocolate is hard.

After the chocolate has hardened pop it out of the mold.

Next I made the square part of the hat. You have to put candy melt into a square chocolate mold. I didn’t have a square mold so I spread out my chocolate in between two pieces of plastic wrap. The I took a pizza knife and made the lines for the squares without cutting the plastic. Then wait for the chocolate to harden.

Once the chocolate has hardened take the square piece of chocolate and glue it to the other piece with melted candy melt.

Now you will need airhead extremes and mini M&M’s for the finishing touches. Take a yellow mini M&M, dip it in melted candy melts and stick it into the center of the hat.

Then take an airhead extreme and pull it apart. You only need the yellow part. Cut it into the right length and take some candy melt and stick it onto the hat.

And there is the finished product =]

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  1. This is genius!

    I’m not really into cooking/baking, but this blog is pretty amazing.

  2. Faba says:


  3. Ramla says:

    They r great wow i never knew u were such a good baker!!!! Send some some of these to me tooo i luv em

  4. Isra'a says:

    They look good!

  5. Isra'a says:

    Can you make them for fun I wanna taste ‘em..

  6. Mahnoor says:

    MEEEEE TOOOOOO……they are looking delightful!!!!! :) :)

  7. Hafsa says:

    Hehehe I am the only one who tried them (besides my Sis)! Yeah! Be jealous!

  8. Amna Baji says:

    Whoah! I love that! Even though I graduated months ago, can I still get some of those?! :p

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